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 Post subject: From Afghanistan
PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:40 pm 
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Again with my thanks added. In spite of occasional spats and weirdness this is a great and generous community ... 03#1331703

I have been privileged to get email responses from individual members of some of TSAC's adopted units in Afghanistan.

These emails are heart warming and make what TSAC is able to do well worth the effort!
Those of you in our generous mountain community who contribute to this effort need to know that it could NOT happen without what you have offered!

I am copying the emails with a small bit of editing in order to keep last names and specific unit information confidential.
Where you see XXXXX in the text, it is to cover that which I need to keep names and units confidential.
The text of the emails in in bold type and my added clarifications are not in bold.
There are a couple of references to "tools" which were military equipment that was paid for from my own pocket along with the postage for same.

Mr. and Mrs. BeerGodROX,

Good evening, I wanted to write to express my gratitude for the support and excellent gifts that you all have sent in support of our team.
I am currently working with Ski (our primary contact with a Marine Recon team) here in Helmand (one of the hottest Taliban areas) with team XXXX and wanted to mention that this is my sixth deployment and I have never seen such generous and useful support provided to any of my previous teams.

I have enclosed a picture with Ski and myself with our two FOB dogs Hesco and Chigo. Hesco is named after the barriers that we use to harden our camp and Chigo is the name brand of the Heater/AC units that make life here tolerable, so we deemed them to be appropriate names for the dogs.


Also, because I doubt that he will brag upon himself in this fashion, but Ski is our team leader with our Local Police program. This is important because this is our primary connection to both the local populace here and the Government of Afghanistan. He has led the training and management of that program to great success. It is a thankless job too because not only are the locals incredibly difficult to deal with but some members of the team do not share Ski's wisdom in understanding how vital that connection is for our immediate security and for any hope of enduring success here, so he frequently fights the battle on both ends.

Thank you again for your generous support!
Semper Fidelis


GySgt (Gunnery Sergeant - a senior enlisted rating) USMC

My reply:
Hi Gunny XXXX,
Thank you so much for your great email! We have always known that Ski (Adam to us) is a great man and it is nice to know how you feel about him. That confirms our suspicion that he is also a great credit to the USMC!
It is nice to know the dog's names! In the last group of ten boxes we sent off to you Monday a week ago, you will find a box weighing 19 pounds that is stuffed with bog biscuits. They are large and will probably need to be broken up for Hesco and Chigo. You should have fun with them.
It is an honor and a privilege to be able to offer our tiny bit of support to all of you Marines. When I was in Viet Nam (Navy Phantom pilot flying from USS Coral Sea and USS Ranger mostly over NVN), one did not get anything unless it came from your family. We are trying to change that concept and prove to you over there that MANY Americans REALLY CARE about what you are doing. If the packages are missing something you really wish for, please don't hesitate to ask. We have the means to ship almost anything that is not over 70 pounds and is legal to send in the mail.
Thank you for communicating with us and for the photo!
Semper Fidelis,
Mr. and Mrs. BGR

Mr. and Mrs. BGR,

My name is SSgt Oscar XXXXXXX and I work with Sgt Ski out here in Afghanistan. I just wanted to email you and tell you thank you for the awesome tools you sent our team. I know I speak for the whole team when I say that this is the reason why we are out here doing what we do. The support from people like you back home means a lot to us. Thanks Again.

Hello Mr. and Mrs. BGR.
My name is Kurt XXXXXXX and am on Ski's team. Seriously, I dont know if that is how you spell Ski's name, I have known him since '07 and still have a hard time pronouncing his first name let alone spelling it. I just know he is exactly what I would expect a Polish guy to be like... passionate and to the point about everything.

I would like to say I have enjoyed alot from you guys over the past few months. From cookies, food, coffee, some amazing tools and now a great knife made by Glock. You guys have been the most useful group to have ever sent stuff. Just don't tell my wife that. Although I do get some great stuff from her while I am deployed.

A little about myself. I grew up just outside of Memphis. Done some vacationing all around the U.S. and have definately enjoyed Colorado and Northern New Mexico the most. Not sure if you are familiar, but I have had the oportunity to ride the steam train out of Chama up into the southern portion of Colorado. Camped on the Baca Ranch near the NM and CO border. Done some skiing at Breckenridge, and my dad does black powder competition shoots in Ratone. I am under the assumption you guys would be familiar with some that seeing how you guys send magazines and knives and such.

Again I really do appreciate the gifts you guys send. Most importantly your thoughts, extra time, and efforts are what count most. Hope you guys are enjoying a happy new year.


And this one from an Army unit also in the "hot" area.

Thank you from all the troops in HHC 1-XX Inf (Infantry) for sending these boxes. It has kept moral up.
Sorry I have not had much time to send more emails or pictures
Thank you
Life is TOO SHORT to drink CHEAP BEER!


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