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Elderly Woman and Her Horse Need Our Help

Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:07 pm

One of our elderly neighbors in Central City is trying to keep her horse fed by giving up her own meals to feed to her horse. YES she is trying to feed the horse human food. She is desperate to feed her horse. She was given 2 bales of hay but it was moldy. She also has a dog and a cat and we at EAPL are gathering food for the other pets as well.

The horse, Flower, is around 25 years old. The horse is outside with no shelter but has a good winter coat and a blanket. We will also look for a new blanket just in case the one she has is worn, but we will not know until we meet her.

I just know that all of us can help gather supplies. She needs hay, cracked corn, barley, oats: anything that a horse can eat that you can offer will be appreciated.

Is there a vet available who would donate services for checking overall health, such as dental and hooves? Please contact Jackie at 303-674-4550

Jackie with EAPL, will serve as the central gathering spot for anything we can gather. She can store everything and keep it dry. Please call her to make arrangements -- 303-674-4550 We want to make a delivery ASAP, hopefully this weekend or sooner.


Re: Elderly Woman and Her Horse Need Our Help

Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:49 pm

Thank you we are getting the word out!
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